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Are you ready for an exciting team building experience with your employees, students or volunteers?

If you’re tired of the traditional team building retreat with trust falls included, then a trip to an escape room may just be a nice change of pace.Through the engagement and energy that solving puzzles will provide, your team can break away from the boring office setting. 

Book your next team building activity with Whole Brain Escape, located a short drive from Raleigh, NC.

Why Escape Rooms Are A Good Team Building Activity

Working together to escape the room is the ultimate way to practice problem solving for a team. Whether you’re “Bustin’ Out of the Eighties” or escaping “The Supervillain’s Lair,” your team will be required to tap into their creativity, actively listen to each other and follow instructions. 

Escape rooms for team building activities can also benefit corporate managers and human resource departments by helping them identify natural leaders who may emerge during the event.

In addition, the Whole Brain Escape room activity will help restore in-person communication skills during a time where email, chat messaging and video conferencing has become the new normal.

You have to listen to, work with, and trust each other….if you want to escape in less than 60 minutes. 

It’s a fun group activity that generates laughs and memories. Plus it gives you a break from the day-to-day operations back at the office or in your remote work space.

Your co-workers, fellow volunteers or classmates are people first. They like to have fun and socialize outside of work and school as well.

Remember, if you can solve the Mystery of the Mad Scientist, you can do anything. 


Because you worked together to make it happen. If you did it at the Whole Brain Escape Room, you can do it in the boardroom.

Don’t forget to book your next team building activity at Whole Brain Escape and after the event is over take pictures, add captions and enjoy the memories!

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