Strengthen your team with an escape room team-building experience!

Day to day operations can get hectic! When your team needs to take a moment and reconnect, Whole Brain Escape can bring them together for a fun and engaging adventure. Escape room activities help improve communication, create a team bond, and encourage creative problem-solving skills within the team.  We offer both on-site and remote team building experiences.

  • Whether your team is just forming or has worked together for years, escape rooms experiences build camaraderie.
  • We offer customized team building experiences that can be conducted off-site or with teams working remotely.
  • Book a team activity during the day or evening throughout the week to accommodate your team’s schedule.

For larger groups, please submit the form below or contact teambuilding@wholebrainescape.com to schedule your team bonding adventure!

For a group of 10 or less, you can book one of our rooms now!

Looking for a more in-depth team building experience?

We offered customized team building and leadership packages that include an escape room activity and a training workshop with a certified leadership and communication coach.

Warm up with the escape room activity, and then use what you’ve learned from the experience to enhance the training. Or, train first and apply what you’ve learned to help strengthen your team in the escape room!  These packages are only available Monday – Friday.

Escape and Lead Package (contact us for pricing)

  • One escape room adventure
  • Facilitated team debrief session and key takeaways from the experience.
  • Handout that outlines strategies for collaborating effectively as a team

Through this customized workshop, participants will:

  • Develop a greater appreciation for behavioral diversity within their organization and those of their team members.
  • Understand their own strengths, opportunities, and blind spots.
  • Learn how to interact more effectively as a team 
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Submit your request using the form or contact teambuilding@wholebrainescape.com to schedule your team bonding adventure!

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5 Stars

“In our business, we care for a group of seniors in a day center as a team of nurses and nursing assistants.  We rely on good communication, mutual respect and trust to help each other provide the best care possible day in and day out.  So when Whole Brain Escape opened, it was the perfect exercise in teamwork for our staff while having fun.  And did we ever!  It didn’t matter that we had a mix of 50-somethings and teens in our group.  The 80’s room rocked and we prevailed with 8 seconds to spare.  I highly recommend WholeBrain Escape for team building in a stressfully-fun environment.”

Linda Kim, RN BSN
Executive Director, Evergreen Adult Day Services, Cary

5 Stars

Whole Brain Escapes was a wonderful team building event for my employees. We pulled together teams so that people were working with someone they hadn’t spent a lot of time with. I really saw excellent team-work evolve, as well as discovered skills and thinking from employees that surprised me and has led me to look at those employees with different opportunities for them. Plus it’s just fun sleuthing.”

Eric Webb
President, Alphagraphics

5 Stars

“My team visited Whole Brain Escape back in June of 2019. We did the 80s room and what a great experience! The room is lots of fun with some pretty challenging tasks. But as a CEO it’s always tricky to find one activity that everyone can enjoy. What I learned is that I’m pretty lucky (or I know how to hire well). There were no arguments, and everyone excelled in their own way. Some were great at the combination locks, some were better at finding items in each drawer, and some were just focused on reading the clues. We finished with a few minutes to spare and didn’t even need any hints. This was a great team-building activity that is fun but also demonstrates how well your team can work together.”

Amie Thompson
President and CEO, Creative Allies

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