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Escape rooms are becoming a popular choice for team building activities across the United States. 

They offer different benefits for the participants that include improved problem solving skills and enhanced creativity. An escape room adventure can also cause increased team morale and more engaging meetings.

If you want to convince your boss to use an escape room for your next team building activity, then choose a few of the reasons below to add to your next discussion on this topic. 

1. Improves Team Camaraderie

Employees are one of a company’s greatest assets. Several studies show that employee happiness impacts job performance. Activities that can bond a group of people while also challenging them is a perfect team building exercise. Many of our escapees have reported that they still discuss what happened during their trip to Whole Brain Escape. 

2. Improves Communication Among the Team

There are many reasons that successful teams require good communication. Escape room activities require good communication among all the people in the room. The escape room experience will have your team sharing clues, following directions, and much more. 

3. Supports Collaboration

Escape rooms are made to foster team building skills. Participants are required to work together to reach their goals as fast as they can and be really clever at it. Some puzzles and challenges may require one person to direct the group in hunting for the next clue while another collaborates with someone else to solve a puzzle. 

4. Identify Team Strengths

We all meet challenges in different ways. We can see how people work in escape rooms as team members and what strengths emerge or role they assume. After you know your co-workers strengths, you can use that to become a more efficient team. 

Many escape rooms contain a variety of puzzles and challenges. With so many activities to complete in sixty minutes to escape, there will be an opportunity for everyone to display their talent. 

5. Enhances Creativity And Problem Solving

Problem solving is a very important part of an escape room. During the escape room experience you are faced with several puzzles and challenges as a sixty minute clock counts down to zero. When you add time constraints to figure out the clues, people will become extremely creative. Any team will work better with enhanced creativity and improved problem solving skills.

6. Improve Time Management Skills.

Almost every job today requires people to complete certain tasks by a deadline. We all know deadlines are just part of everyday life. When you combine the challenge of escaping a locked room with a deadline of sixty minutes, teams have to become resourceful, but also manage their time well. A team that can escape a room in the given time will be able to meet any project deadlines you give them.

7. Personality Traits on Display

Many teams will naturally gravitate towards a specific role in the first ten to fifteen minutes of the game.  Any observer will be able to clearly identify the leader, the best communicators, the detail-oriented ones and other roles. 

8. See the Team Leaders that Emerge

On any great team, there is usually one or two people who take the lead. Escape rooms can provide managers with insights that may cause them to see someone in a different light, or be pleasantly surprised at who emerges as a leader on the team. Escape rooms also provide natural leaders the opportunity to practice their leadership skills.

9. Improves Decision-Making Skills

Being able to make decisions quickly is a very useful and critical skill to have in the workplace. Employers need to rely on people that have confidence to make the tough decisions quickly. A successful escape room experience will require the same. 

Escape rooms provide realistic puzzles and challenges that will require decisions to be made under pressure. In escape rooms you’re making choices that will affect the entire team. For example, teams will have to decide when to ask for a clue, or which approach to take to a particular puzzle.

10. Great Memories

If employees can have fun and make great memories together, you will see more positive and productive experiences during their work day. Activities outside of work will help build stronger relationships among team members. 

We’ve listed just ten reasons why escape rooms are a great choice for your next corporate team building experience.

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