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Are you wondering what your first escape room experience will be like now that you’ve booked a date? Let us help you get ready for an exciting adventure ahead of time! Keep reading to learn some tips to help you have a great first experience here at Whole Brain Escape.

Before You Arrive:

1) Assemble your team. Typically, groups between two and ten players work well together. Your group participants should be able to communicate well together if you want to escape the room within sixty minutes.

2) Choose the best theme for your first escape room experience. Consider the participants of your group before you make your choice. Are your team members younger or older? Are there children playing as well? You will want to select a theme that interests the group. For example, if you have a group of people who love everything about the eighties then, our theme “Bustin’ Out of the Eighties” may be a perfect fit!

During the Game:

4) Get the briefing and backstory. Your #WBE Gamemaster will give you a briefing on how to play the game and share the scenario of your escape room. 

5) Search your escape room thoroughly for clues and hints as soon as you enter. You only have 60 minutes so have your group spread out to find key clues and work on solving puzzles. This would also be a good time to delegate tasks so that no one person gets stuck on a particular clue. 

6) Examine everything and listen to everyone. There is often a reason for every object you find in the escape room. Examine the clues carefully, and if you find a clue, make sure others know about it – they may have just the information needed to figure it out.

7) Have your group participants spread out in the escape room. You will not want everyone bunched around the same puzzle for too long. Remember, you only have 60 minutes to escape. Therefore, multitasking is key.

8) Ask for hints. If you get stuck, request a little help from your game coordinator. You may be surprised how a hint can help you solve a puzzle or figure out what a clue is trying to tell you.

After You Complete Your First Escape Game Adventure:

9) Expect more inside jokes and memories shared between your group.

You will want to talk about your escape room experience with everyone who went and laugh about all of the fun you had together.

10) Pat yourself and your fellow escapees (we hope) on the back for exercising those creative muscles. There are many challenges inside an escape room. Whether you escaped or not, you should be proud of the effort and how your team worked together.

11) Most importantly, you had fun, right? Look at your escape room group picture and smile because it was a great time.

12) Follow Whole Brain Escape on Facebook and feel free to share a review on your experience with us.

We wish you well on your first escape room adventure! When you are ready to schedule your next trip, feel free to try one of our themed escape rooms. You can learn all about them on our website: www.wholebrainescape.com