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Is there an age limit?

The rooms are suitable for ages 12+. People 14 and under must be accompanied by an adult.

What’s the difference between a Public and Private booking?

A public booking is a great option if you are interested in meeting and playing with new people. By default, all of our rooms are public bookings unless you select the “Book Entire Experience” (which makes it a private booking). Pricing is $29 per person for a public experience.

A private booking is great if you’d prefer playing with just your group. Check the box next to “Book Entire Experience” when reserving your room. Pricing for a private experience is $116 for 1 – 4 people, and each additional person is $29.

Are we locked in a room?

You are not actually locked in a room (due to fire regulations). You are free to exit the room at any time.

Is it safe?

Yes, we take our players safety very seriously.  A game coordinator will observe the players during play; there will be one coordinator per room. While they’re there to provide hints and help for the players, their top priority is a safe experience.

There are front and rear doors to the building, so that everyone can safely exit the building via the closest one.  These exits are unlocked at all times during business hours when players are on-site.  The pathways to these exits are unobstructed.

We have fire extinguishers on both floors that are easily accessible by anyone in the building.  These extinguishers are inspected on a regular basis.

Is it scary or claustrophobic?

Our rooms do not feature jump scares, live actors, or scary themes. The rooms are large enough for 8 – 10 people to stand upright and freely move around (our ceilings are 12 ft tall).

Do I need a reservation?

You must reserve and pay for your tickets online at least 2 hours before your event.

Are tickets refundable?

All sales are final and refunds are not issued for cancellations or no shows. However, you can reschedule to another time with 24 hours advance notice.

What time should I get there?

Please arrive 15 minutes before your reserved time so you can get checked in and have your pre-game orientation (and one final restroom break).

What if I am late?

All room experiences begin at the designated time. If you are late, your game time is decreased. If the rest of the group is ready on time, they are allowed to start without you.

Do I need to sign a waiver? Can I sign it online?

You will need to sign a waiver before you can participate in your escape room adventure. You can review and sign the waiver online by clicking here.

Can I bring my phone in the room?

You may bring your phone in the rooms, but if you need to use it, please leave the room and go to the lobby so you don’t disturb other players.  Our puzzles are designed so that no outside knowledge is needed to solve them.  Everything you need is inside the room – so no need to search for answers on your phone!

Can I take pictures or video?

Pictures and video are not allowed inside the rooms. We want to keep the rooms a surprise for the other players!

Can I bring food?

Food and drink are not allowed. Alcohol is strictly prohibited.

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