Escape Rooms

Bustin' Out of the Eighties Escape Room

Bustin’ Out of the Eighties

You just wanted to see the 1980s: big hair, parachute pants, and vinyl records. But you took a wrong turn in the Time Vortex, and now you’re stuck. You’ve got one hour to find the time machine and get home. Can you bust out in time?

60 min, 2 – 8 players

Escape the Supervillians Lair Escape Room

Escape the Supervillain’s Lair

Supervillains have taken over the city! You and your fellow superheroes have been captured by the nefarious Quizzler. She’s neutralized your super-powers, so you’ll have to use your wits to escape. You’ve got 60 minutes. Can you save the day?

60 min, 2 – 8 players

Whole Brain Escape Apex

Seekers of the Mystic Orb

On the Isle of Dread, archaeologists have discovered a long-forgotten cavern. You have one hour to find an artifact known as the Mystic Orb. Will you succeed, or will you be trapped by an ancient curse? One of our more challenging escape rooms.

60 min, 2 – 10 players

Whole Brain Escape Room

Mystery of the Mad Scientist

The mad scientist’s experiments have opened a doorway to the Lunaverse, a dimension of pure madness. Can you restore sanity, or will you be lost forever in a psychedelic madhouse? One of our more challenging escape rooms.

60 min, 2 – 10 players

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